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With The Eternity Portfolio Illuminated, noted investment advisor Alan Gotthardt casts an inspiring vision for the Kingdom of God as our ultimate investment opportunity. Alan explains how to literally “have the best of both worlds” – providing for life today while making an Eternity Portfolio part of your comprehensive investment strategy.

-The tools you need to create your own step-by-step action plan

-Helpful insights for generous givers and entrepreneurs who wrestle with the key questions of effectively allocating capital.

The book for anyone who wants to invest money strategically in the Kingdom of God.

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One of the most influential guides to faith-based philanthropy ever written, now Illuminated – with new insights from the author and guest contributors.


Author Alan Gotthardt is a nationally recognized investment advisor who has spent nearly three decades focused on the intersection of faith and money. As an author, advisor and speaker, he has helped thousands of families across the income spectrum manage their finances for lasting results.

Alan is Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at TriniD, a private investment company. Formerly the President of Brightworth, Alan was part of the leadership team that built the company into a nationally recognized wealth management firm. He has been listed in Robb Report Worth magazine as one of the Nation’s 100 Most Exclusive Wealth Advisors.

Alan earned undergraduate and graduate business degrees at the University of Georgia. He also completed the IMCA Investment Analyst Program at the Wharton School and is a Certified Investment Management AnalystSM as well as a Certified Public Accountant. Alan serves a number of nonprofit organizations on a volunteer basis. He and his wife, Melissa, have three children.

Alan’s perspectives on philanthropy, business and living life to a higher purpose are published at AlanGotthardt.com, and on Facebook and Twitter.




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It has been my personal experience that it is better to give than to receive. The Eternity Portfolio reinforces this idea by providing compelling, biblically based guidance on the joys of investing in others. Enjoy the book for yourself and then share these new insights by impacting others and their eternity.
S. Truett Cathy, Founder, Chick-fil-A, Inc.
This book will inspire and motivate you to become a better manager of your money. The truth here is not only that what we give and invest—if based on our values—brings incredible joy to us personally, but that our “earthly portfolio” can literally change the world (and us!) as God transforms it into an “Eternity Portfolio.”
Dave Ramsey, Best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio host of The Dave Ramsey Show
In a time when opportunities for excellent giving are increasing exponentially, we need to become far more intentional and thoughtful regarding how we steward what God has entrusted to us. The Eternity Portfolio book will be a key resource as you seek to make a difference, both now and for eternity. I highly commend it.
David Wills, President, National Christian Foundation
I appreciate The Eternity Portfolio’s emphasis on the big picture. If we look at living and giving—and all we pour our lives into—through the lens of eternity, what we see is radically different. This book is thought-provoking, practical, and inspiring.
Randy Alcorn, Best-selling author of The Treasure Principle
After reading Alan’s book, I was impressed that this is a man who has something significant to say. This book is challenging and even compelling, as well as being extremely practical. I strongly recommend this book as one that can go on your bookshelf to be referred to again and again.
Ron Blue, Best-selling author and founder, Ronald Blue & Company
When it comes to stewardship, Alan Gotthardt is on the cutting edge. The Eternity Portfolio has challenged and encouraged me and has confirmed how God is leading our family to be intentional about investing in eternity. This book is a “must-read” for anyone serious about their faith and their money.
Dr. Johnny M. Hunt, Senior pastor, First Baptist Church Woodstock
While laying a solid biblical foundation for why we should give, this is a great “how to” book that shows how to formulate a true action plan for “laying up treasures in heaven” for eternity.
Hugh O. Maclellan, Jr., Chairman, The Maclellan Foundation
There is a responsibility that comes with financial blessings. And, since it all belongs to God, we should be looking for how He would have us manage it. The Eternity Portfolio is a well thought out plan for making the most of your finances. I believe it will help my family, along with many others, grow to new levels of faithfulness.
Coach Mark Richt, Head Coach, University of Georgia Football
As a church pastor for many years, I have used numerous books on stewardship and money management to instruct our people. But I do believe this is the most comprehensive and thorough work I have read. Alan has provided an extremely valuable resource for the church in this excellent work.
Randy Pope, Pastor, Perimeter Church
One of the reasons God has blessed America is in order to fund the Great Commission. Alan Gotthardt has delivered a book full of compelling and practical strategies for how each Christian can have a financial stake in that plan. The Eternity Portfolio is a must-read for those who want to experience the excitement and joy that comes from investing in eternity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime.
Larry Burkett, Founder, Crown Financial Ministries



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